Service Charges

Onsite jobs

Onsite jobs are charged by the hour (rates below), half hour minimum. 

Hourly rates  
Commercial Business £ 45 / hr
Non-Profit & Charity £ 35 / hr
Personal / Domestic £ 25 / hr
Unwaged (e.g. NUS, OAP, JSA)     £ 18 / hr
Callout charges  
Postcodes N16 & E5      £ 20
Less than 3 miles £ 30
3 to 6 miles £ 40
Over 6 miles £ 6 / mile

Callout charge is calculated by the distance from our place to yours by road (as opposed to as the crow flies) starting at N16 6XS. 

Working hours are 9:00 to 08:00pm, Monday to Saturday.

Out of hours emergency callouts are available but cost an extra £30.


Offsite jobs

Offsite jobs cover jobs where you deliver your hardware to us and collect it afterwards. This tends to work out significantly cheaper than our staff visiting you especially for longwinded things. Please give us a call or email us to get the best quote.

Computer securely wiped
Machine wiped completely clean of all software and data using military grade data deletion software. Note: useful if you want to dispose of your PC safely.

£ 5

Internal components cleaned
Your laptop fully stripped down, thoroughtly cleaned out and regreased with top quality thermal grease. This is often the only good solution to overheating problems.

 £ 35

Simple Virus / Malware removal
If a virus infection can be vanquished in-situ i.e. without reinstalling the whole system you pay only £40.

£ 40

Fresh Windows install
Your machine wiped clean and plain old windows reinstalled, all drivers and updates installed. This is useful if you want to give your computer away in full working order but with your personal data safely wiped off, or if somebody has given you a computer and you want to start with a clean sheet, or if you simply want a reinstall without paying for a back up you don't need.

£ 40

Fresh Windows install + Virus/Malware-free backup
Full backup of all files, re-installation of Windows, all updates installed, free antivirus software and MS compatible Office Suite, all your files double scanned for viruses and other malware and then restored to a single folder, machine guaranteed virus free.
Note: if you are comfortable moving files around and have time to reinstall all your applications then this is a good option. 

£ 60

Software optimization and cleaning + free collection/delivery for laptops
As economy reinstall PLUS: free collection/delivery for laptops within N16/E5, all files put back where they were, all un-neccesary pre-installed software cleaned off, disk optimised for quick startup, internet favourites/bookmarks restored, i-tunes restored, free top quality media player, CD/DVD burning, photo management and utility software.
Note: this is the option to go for if you want everything setup as close as possible to the way it was before.

£ 85

Software optimization and cleaning + Hardware Check-up + Full Onsite reinstallation
As domestic reinstall PLUS: free collect/delivery for laptops AND desktops in N16/E5 (normal callout charge applies outside this area), priority turnaround, casing thoroughly stripped and cleaned, thorough testing of your memory and hard disk drives, full onsite reinstallation including reconnection and reinstallation of your printers, scanners, specialised software and reconnection to your domain if needed.
Note: This is the one to choose for business critical computers if time is short.


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