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Anti-bacterial optical scroll mouse USB - PS/2 combi (Black/Silver)

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Anti-bacterial coating inhibits the growth of bacteria helping to prevent the spread of germs, bugs & flu viruses

Designed for use in environments where hygiene is paramount such as hospitals, dental practices, doctor’s surgeries, vets, laboratories and in food & pharmaceutical production areas.



  • • 3 Button optical scroll mouse is the essential accessory for any Desktop PC in both office and       home environments 
  • • USB - PS/2 Combi to suit your connection requirements 
  • • Driverless devices allows instant Plug & Play set-up 
    • Built with the latest optical technology it works on a variety of surfaces 
    • 1000dpi high resolution ensures accurate and precise movement 
    • No ball or moving parts to collect dust or dirt means less cleaning is required and sticking is eliminated 
    • Durable inline buttons prevents buttons from being damaged or broken off 
    • Symmetrical design makes this mouse suitable for left & right handed users 
    • Reasons to choose an Anti-bacterial product: The common cold can be caused from more than 200 different types of viruses. Due to continuing mutations the body cannot build up resistance against such a diverse set of constantly changing viruses. The common cold can be spread by coming into contact with infected people or contaminated surfaces. The cold virus can live on objects such as telephones, PC keyboards, and door handles for several hours. The common cold can be contracted by touching one of these objects harbouring a cold virus. Professionals and office workers can spend at least 6 hours per day working with PC’s and other office equipment. In many cases, PC’s, mice, telephones etc. are shared. The more people using them, the more viruses & bacteria they collect. Resulting in a high probability that a cold or flu will be passed on by a sick co-worker.


  • • Wheel life: > 30Km 
    • Button life: 1 million cycles (MTBF) 
    • Cable length: 150CM 
    • Storage temp: -20oC ~ +60oC 
    • Operating temp: -5oC ~ +45oC 
    • Storage humidity: 10% ~ 70% RH 
    • Operating humidity: 10% ~ 80% RH 
    • Dimensions: 120 x 67.5 x 42mm 
    • Compatible with: Windows 98 Se & above Mac OS 9.0 or later




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